New York: Day 2

On our second day in New York, we ventured to the American Museum of Natural History.  I had always wanted to go there, so I was excited!


Something you may or may not know, you can pay whatever you want to get into the museum. If you pay at a kiosk, you will be charged their normal admission fee of $22 for adults and $17 for students. If you wait in line, you can see an attendant. They will tell you the recommended price, but you can pay them literally whatever you want. I am all for supporting this amazing museum, however; this is definitely something to keep in mind for those traveling on a budget! To give you an idea that this actually works, we saw someone pay $10 total for 4 people. That group may or may not have been us.


You could spend hours upon hours inside of this museum. We decided to check out the map for the exhibits we most wanted to see in order to be time efficient.

We then saw the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but the tree somehow seemed disappointing.

We also saw 30 Rock and the busy ice skating area.


There were a lot of people gathered around a building taking photos. Turns out it was Saks Fifth Avenue. They had a really awesome Christmas window display. Since it was there, we decided to go inside and see what it was like. It was very well decorated, it was fun just to walk through. I definitely didn’t realize just how big the place was until we started walking around. You could easily spend half a day looking around in there.


Something we really wanted to do while in NYC was to see some sort of comedy show. We decided to check out UCB to see what they had going on. After checking, we purchased tickets for a show called “We Know How You Die.” It was an absolutely hilarious improv show which included a couple of comedians that I had seen on various shows. You should be sure to check out a show at UCB for a great experience!



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