Drury Inn & Suites | Findlay, Ohio

There are many great hotels in the world. This one in particular is one that I did not even realize meant a lot to me until I had the chance to visit it again.  On my first big road trip ever, I would visit both Canada and New York for the first time. Findlay, Ohio seemed to be a great stopping point between Tennessee and Canada.


We found a nice looking hotel, the Drury Inn and Suites, and decided to stay. This hotel was convenient, comfortable, had great staff, and even included free snacks and drinks in the evening. A wonderful first stop in this first big trip of mine!




After many years and life leading us down many curvy roads and lonely highways, life and the Drury Hotel in Findlay crossed paths again. 


The hotel was even better than I had previously remembered. The hotel features has a very large lobby used to congregate for the day or enjoy free hot food and or breakfast. The staff was as wonderful as I remembered, and the rooms are a perfect place to wind down or catch up on some work while traveling.


Our stay in the suite was very comfortable. This was absolutely perfect because this room was going to be used as both an office and a place to relax for the duration of our stay.


The bedroom in back was just perfect size to share a sleeping area. The main feature we enjoyed the most of our stay was the large front room. This was a great area to hangout and talk with people who we knew in the area.


The hotel has many other great and convenient features including a gym and indoor/outdoor pool.


If you are ever in the Findlay area, or if you ever see a Drury Inn wherever you may be traveling, you can rest assured that your stay at this great hotel will be memorable and relaxing!

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