9 Places to Check Out in California

California is an incredible state, with a vast number of popular destinations you could probably reel off in your sleep. Los Angeles, Hollywood and San Francisco are usually the first places that spring to mind. However, there is a lot more to the Golden State than you might […]

The Top Sights of San Francisco

Sitting by the ocean in northern California, San Francisco could be a world away from some of its brasher neighbors like Los Angeles. And while there is no shortage of iconic landmarks (the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz) you shouldn’t let a trip to this city turn into an […]

A Drive Through Monument Valley

Located along the Arizona-Utah border you will find the breathtaking Monument Valley. Featured in many movies over the years, you’ve likely seen the iconic scenery at some point or another. Seeing it in person is even better than you can imagine. Although commonly thought of as a national […]