Camping in Style: Glamping Holidays in Thailand

Glamping is a kind of camping with a few luxuries thrown in, and if you like your home comforts and are planning a holiday in Thailand, why not experience camping with a difference? There are specialist tour companies that can arrange for a glamping holiday you won’t forget in a hurry, and with their help, you can plan the perfect camping holiday with a difference.

Established Luxury Tour Companies

If you search online, you will find Exotic Voyages escorted tours to Thailand, and this company offer a really amazing glamping experience that encompasses Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. Included in your schedule would be a chance to explore the many temples at Siam Reap in Cambodia, then you move up to the very northern tip of Thailand, where you can experience rafting and have some encounters with the friendly elephants that Thailand is famed for.

Camping with a Difference

There are some 5-star camping resorts in Thailand, and by booking your trip through an established local agency, you can be sure to enjoy the natural beauty of Thailand in its entirety. There are special camping resorts in Koh Yao, which is an unbelievable island set in the south of Thailand, and with the right tour operator, you get to plan every detail, which could include having a local guide with you during your stay.

Enjoy Unrivalled Natural Beauty

Image Source: Unsplash

Staying at a 5-star camp site brings with it many luxuries, and, of course, the campsite is located within some beautiful natural areas, and with each day meticulously prepared, you won’t waste any of your valuable downtime. If you fancy spending the day trekking through the jungle, your guide can arrange this, as well as spending some time on the pristine beaches that the South of Thailand is famous for.

The Benefits of a Local Guide

While it is normal to pay more than you should when buying souvenirs, if you have your very own guide, this will not happen. Indeed, your guide is there to help you in as many ways as possible, and with their inside knowledge, you are bound to see some truly amazing places that other tourists would never see. One thing you should do prior to booking your holiday is to check out the reviews, which is a great indicator of what to expect, and by choosing one that is flexible, you can design your holiday to include everything you want to experience.

Seasons in Thailand

Image Source: Pixabay

There are 3 main seasons in Thailand, the summer, which runs from March to May, when temperatures (and humidity) are at their highest. The rainy seasons starts in early June and lasts until the end of November, but that doesn’t mean it rains every day, and if you are planning to visit Thailand in the peak holiday season (November to February), temperatures are between 20-25C. Coming to Thailand at any time is an amazing experience, but consider the different seasons, which will have an effect on your holiday experience.

Search online for the right tour operator and the rest is easy.


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