Choosing To Cruise From Singapore

As a starting point for a cruise, Singapore is one of the best destinations in the world. If you have never experienced it before, it is well worth a visit. Singapore has a modern and vibrant city, very clean and very welcoming, and if you choose this as the starting point for your next voyage, there are a world of possibilities open to you.

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Below you will find some of the delights on offer when you choose to cruise from Singapore, which may help you to decide where your next luxury cruise will take you.

A Thailand & Vietnam Cruise

Thailand and Vietnam are relatively close destinations to Singapore. There are still plenty to enjoy when you cruise from there on your next voyage. They are popular destinations for cruises from Singapore. You can visit the port of Laem Chabang, enjoy a trip to the island of Ko Kood, before moving on to Vietnam where you can explore Sihanoukville, Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Da Nang, and the majestic and beautiful Ha Long Bay. You can choose from 7- night voyages or a 14-night cruise, depending on your budget and how long you wish to travel.

From Singapore To Sydney

Another popular cruise itinerary for many Australians is starting the voyage in Singapore and working your way to Sydney, which will usually be a 14-night cruise. Along the way, you will stop off at destinations such as Bali, Komodo Island, and Darwin, before arriving in Sydney. There is quite a distance to cover on this trip so around 9 of the days will be at sea, with the other days offering excursions and activities for those who wish to alight the ship and explore.

A Voyage To India

Another popular route that many tourists take when cruising from Singapore is to the exotic and fascinating country of India. The final port of call where you disembark is in Mumbai, and along the way you can enjoy the sights and activities on offer in Phuket, Thailand, and experience Rangoon in Myanmar, as well as Colombo in Sri Lanka. You can enjoy a 15-night cruise that will let you experience some of the best travel destinations that Asia has to offer and it will be a trip that you will undoubtedly remember for a long time to come.

Around The World Voyage

Singapore is also a popular starting point if you are looking to enjoy a cruise around the world. A journey such as this can last for around 60 nights and will take in a lot of exotic destinations along your route. Typically, you will visit countries such as Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, India, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Malta, Spain, and usually ending in London in the UK. Along the way, experiences are abundant that you can enjoy as you travel, and it is an excellent way to see and experience the world.

The Singapore Cruise Centre is state-of-the-art, so it is an excellent place to start a fantastic voyage with the people that you love. With so many different options available, you are sure to be able to find a cruise starting in Singapore that will get you excited in eager anticipation of your next adventure on the open seas.

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