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After taking a ferry from Alaska to Canada and car camping for two days, we got back into the US and our next stop was in Yakima, Washington. We stopped in a few places along the way because Washington is one of my favorite states to explore.


After around a five-hour drive, we arrived at the My Place Hotels Yakima location. After the usual check-in process, we headed to the room with our pups to unpack. We decided to order our breakfast in bed and to chill out in the room for a while. After such a long journey, we were certainly tired!


One of the first things that I seemed to notice about this particular My Place location was the fact that it was basically connected to one of the most popular greenways in the area. This included miles and miles of trails and some really awesome green areas along the way.


Dogs are allowed on the greenway with leashes, so we decided to take full advantage of this perk and we all got some exercise while taking in the scenery.

I’ve mentioned this before, but one of my favorite perks of My Place Hotels is the fact that they offer washers and dryers. You’ll see a laundry basket in your room, so you can load it up and take it to the laundry room! After being on the road for a couple of weeks, this was much welcomed.


I have been trying to pack lighter, so having the option to wash and re-use your newly cleaned clothing is something that I really appreciate.

Later on during the day, we took the chance to explore Yakima a little, but ultimately we spent a lot of time relaxing with our dogs in our My Place room. Overall, it was a very lovely day and we were well rested and ready to head out the next day!

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