Awesome Things To Do In North Carolina

Whenever you’re looking through for certain destinations for your vacation or your traveling experience, you often look everywhere as you don’t want your free time to go to waste. You spend an awful lot of time working, after all, so you’ll want the precious time away from the grind to be special. Well, there are literally thousands of wonderful places that the world has to offer. If you’re fancying a specific spot, or if you’re looking to travel across the United States, then why not spend some time in North Carolina?

North Carolina is a beautiful state full of awesome things to do as well as stunning views. The state motto is ‘first in flight’ – the phrase is proudly assigned to the place due to the historical and legendary success of the Wright Brothers’ successful attempt at, you guessed it, flight. If you’re interested and are wondering what there is to do in this lovely state, let’s take a little look.      

Biltmore Gardens

architecture asheville biltmore estate blue
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The Biltmore Gardens are based in the Biltmore Estate, known as the largest home in America. The cover thousands of acres and are quite a sight to behold. You see the huge mansion at first and are blown away, but then you see the horticulture that surrounds it and you get double the feeling. You’re able to have a stroll around with a tour for many hours, so if you’re interested, then you can look at the best places to stay in Asheville NC and make a day of it at the gardens. Trust me, you have to see this, it’s outrageous.   

Walton’s Distillery

If you’re interested in hitting Jacksonville, then you can check out this little place. You can spend an hour or two checking out where and how the likes of whiskey and moonshine were created back in the day. You can book a tour and see just how things were years and years ago. You might even get a chance to try some if you’re old enough and brave enough!

Grandfather Mountain

This place provides amazing views for anyone who visits. Even the most cynical person in the world would stand in awe. Located near Linville, Grandfather Mountain makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand and admire.

Sports Stadiums And Arenas

If you’re a big sports fan, then you might be interested in checking out the top class performers doing their thing. If you go during the season, then you might be able to check out the Carolina Panthers in action as they perform in the Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte. Charlotte, North Carolina is also home to NBA basketball team the Hornets – you can see them in action at the Spectrum Centre. If you’re into motorsports, then there are a few NASCAR tracks that you can check out, too.  



There are a plethora of different museums that you can look around in North Carolina. There’s the Airborne and Special Operations Museum if you want to learn about those who gave their service to their country and everything involved in it. There are also the Wheels Through Time Transportation Museum and the International Civil Rights Centre to delve into.   



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