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Visiting Vienna, Austria was such a unique experence that I am not likely to forget. The music history of the city is fascinating, even for those who may not be into classical music. The city of Vienna is stunning, so why not make it even better with the perfect hotel to stay in?

I had the pleasure of staying at Hotel Beethoven during our stay in Vienna. Centrally located, I didn’t have to take public transportation once! While some things are undoubtedly far away enough that you’d want to get a ride, I love walking around new cities and seeing all of the things along the way to my destination.

Hotel Beethoven is unique in the fact that each of their floors has a theme. Many ideas of the themes are based on historical facts and reproduced art forms. Our room was lovely and I loved the decoration. Check out all the floor themes here.


Perhaps one of my favorite parts of the hotel was their afternoon coffee, tea, and snacks. They also provide one of the best buffet breakfasts that I’ve had. It’s great to know that you will have great food right outside of your room in the morning!

Directly across from the hotel is the famous Theatre an der Wien. Inside of the hotel itself is the Salon Ludwig, a relaxing library to spend some time in. Each weekend, one day is dedicated to a salon concert. You can enjoy professional piano music accompanied by violoncello or vocals.


This was undoubtedly one of my favorite hotel experiences. The location was perfect, the staff was super friendly and helpful, and the room was tasteful and comfortable.


If visiting Vienna, do yourself a favor and check out the Hotel Beethoven to make your stay complete! This 4-star hotels makes your evenings comfortable and stress free, and makes walking around the city a breeze!

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  1. A great post, glad you had a good time. I’m visiting Vienna for the first time in July for my birthday can’t wait. Any recommendations for places to eat or check out please let me know?

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