Top Theme Park Adventures In The US

If you love nothing more than getting your kicks from launching yourself head first down a black hole on a rollercoaster, you adore going upside down and experiencing fighter pilot like G-forces, or you find thrills in the thought of spending one minute of your life absolutely terrified, then the chances are that you adore amusement parks. These man-made adrenaline-inducing havens have become even more popular in recent years, as roller coasters and rides have utilized even greater feats of engineering. If you are planning on venturing out to a theme park this year, why not combine your trip with a summer vacation? Take a look at these fantastic places that can help you get your thrills this summer.

A Midwest Adventure

If you fancy something different to the usual Florida Keys style coastal vacation, why not consider a midwest adventure? Heading to Ohio could see you experiencing the largest and most popular amusement park in the midwest. With over nine miles of roller coaster track including the world famous Mystic Timbers, giant kids play area, and a thrilling water park, there is something for everyone.


Luckily there are plenty of accommodation options close by with more than one hotel near Kings Island Amusement Park. Jeffersonville is a super option for those looking to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. With a population of just over one thousand people, your brood could experience a quieter pace of life, while still having the bright lights of Cincinnati less than an hour away.

For Chocolate Lovers

Hershey Park combines an avid love of chocolate with thrill-seeking rides. Perfect for a younger family, Hershey Park has a traditional amusement park feel with dodgems, teacups, a pirate ship, and carousels. There are also a couple of storming roller coasters for those that love a more thrilling experience when at a theme park with the corkscrew laden Fahrenheit ride making every rider feel the G force created.


There is also a water park, a zoo and a world of chocolate to explore. Unlike other theme parks that can come a bit monotonous, there is more variety at the Hershey Park than you can shake a stick at.

Funtown Splashtown

The focus at this amusement park is definitely to have fun in the water. With an abundance of water slides, plunges, wave machines, and an aqua play park, this takes swimming to a whole new level. Water slides like Aphrodite’s Challenge are more like roller coasters but there are still relaxing and gentle lagoons to chill out in if risking bruises when plummeting down a tube slide doesn’t appeal.


But it’s not all water-based. A more traditional roller coaster park set on dry land is also available to enjoy. Traditional wooden roller coasters also offer a more sedate experience for those younger members of your brood.
There are over four hundred amusement parks in the USA, so you have plenty of choices when it comes to combining thrills with a fantastic summer vacation!


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