5 Tips For Traveling Safely As A Backpacker

Traveling solo can be a life-changing and rewarding experience. While it is something that everyone should be able to experience, doing it while feeling safe and secure is even better! Here are some tips on staying safe when backpacking solo.

Tell Friends Where You’ll Be

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Giving your family and/or friends a copy of your itinerary is always a good idea. Letting someone that you trust know where you’ll be that day can help to ensure that someone will know quickly if things took a turn.

Keep Your Belongings Safe


Keeping your items in separate locations in your room or throughout your luggage can be a good strategy. Using something such as this pocket-sized personal safe can help keep things such as important keys or cash extra safe!

Study Your Destination Before You Arrive

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Doing some research into your destinations can help you avoid some rather annoying things, such as scams that frequent in certain areas. Being in the know can help you avoid those who are just trying to rip you off. You can also see if certain areas are high in crime rates, and can plan your time in those areas accordingly.

Bring Your Own Extra Security


Things such as pepper spray, this personal security alarm, and even this security alarm door stopper are all small and easily transportable. You can easily fil pepper spray and the personal alarm in any small bag, or even put them on a keychain! The door stopper is a great step for added personal security to scare off anyone who potentially tries to open your door! (I’ve stayed in hostels, and sometimes drunk people tend to wander into the wrong rooms!)

Keep Healthy to Enjoy Your Stay


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Simple things such as getting enough sleep and staying hydrated can help ensure that you are alert when exploring your destination. Not only will you be safer when you’re feeling your best, but you will undoubtedly enjoy your trip even more!


Do you have any security tips for traveling solo? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. I would say that along with studying your destination before you leave, I would also suggest figuring out where the local Embassy is at that destination. I know when I did my solo trip to Barcelona last year, I wrote down where the embassy was, the nearest hospital, etc. I also provided that information to my family back at home so that they would have that information as well. Finally, I would suggest learning a little bit of the language of wherever you’re going. This is helpful for you, but the locals enjoy speaking to you in their native language. Great post!

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