10 Transportation Tips to Save Money While Traveling

Transport options when traveling can be expensive. Whether you’re trying to get to your destination on a budget or looking for cheap transport while you’re there, these ten tips ought to come in handy for helping you to save money!

Take advantage of last-minute flight deals

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Flights are often the most expensive aspect of travel, but you can sometimes get great deals by waiting until the week before to book your flight. This is because airlines are often eager to fill up any empty seats. Try using sites such as Skyscanner to look for these deals.

Break up long-haul journeys

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If you’re flying long distance, you could save money by breaking up the journey into two or three flights rather than one direct flight. In fact, with some destinations, you could cut costs by as much as half. You will spend more time travelling by doing this, so bear that in mind.

Avoid peak travel times

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Weekends and national holidays are some of the most expensive times to book flights and ferries. Consider travelling mid-week to knock some money off of the travel price. Travelling out of season could also make a difference – autumn and spring flights are a lot cheaper than summer flights due to the lower demand.

Invest in a city pass

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If you’re planning a city break and hoping to stay there for a good few days, consider looking into a local city pass. Many cities, such as Sydney, Stockholm, New York and Toronto have these passes allowing you to enjoy cheap bus, train and ferry travel around the city.

Try ride-sharing

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Ride-sharing could be another cheap way of getting around – it involves sharing a car journey with someone local. There are rideshare apps that can allow you to quickly find people nearby that are planning to drive to your destination in the next 24 hours. It’s a cheap and convenient alternative to a taxi.


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For those daring enough, there’s always the option of hitchhiking too. This is entirely free, but no-where near as reliable as other transport options.

Book a Megabus

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Bus operators such as Megabus charge very cheap fees for getting around – this could be an excellent way of travelling across the states or getting around Europe. Other countries may have their own cheap bus services – these aren’t always possible to book online an may involve a little more research to ensure that you don’t get the wrong one.

When in Asia, take a Tuk Tuk

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Tuk tuks can be found all around Asia (some African countries and South American nations also have them). These small three-wheeled vehicles are much cheaper than taxis and often more of a thrilling experience. You can even book a tuk-tuk tour as a cheap way of seeing a city.

Take your own car

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If you’re not having to travel across oceans, you could consider taking a car and going on a road trip. Whilst you’ll spend a lot on fuel, you can customise your route more. Planning ahead can allow you to avoid toll roads and places with high parking fees. You can even use your vehicle as a hotel on wheels, saving you money on accommodation.

Know when to use your legs

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In some small cities, you may not need to shell out on public transport to get around if everything is within walking distance. Always research walking distances online so that you know when to save money and use your legs – you’ll get to your destination at a slower pace, but you’ll also get to experience more en route.


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