Returning to Nature With These Vacations

Why do you go on vacation? Could it be to experience things you might not have done for some time, or ever before? Could it be to relax? Could it be that you’re not even entirely sure, but you know if you neglect to take one you’ll feel more stressed in your normal routine than you usually do?

One of the best things any human can do is return to the natural roots. This is especially true if they’ve been lamenting in the hive of a city space for some time. A wide-open landscape can feel jaw-dropping after living in New York. Luckily, with these vacation tips, you are much more likely to find something that can benefit your spirit, helping you return to nature:


Forest Pilgrimage

There are many forest pilgrimage hiking routes throughout Malaysia and Japan that you might enjoy taking part in. These are different to the standard hiking fair, in that they are often conducted in relative silence. The routes are definitely well worn, but they retain that sense of natural stillness and preservation. While you might not be religious, these experiences can certainly connect you with nature, and can yield some wonderful potential if you’re interested in photography. Often these routes are very popular with tourists, so even during the quiet reflection of the day, you are likely to greet friends and the same faces during the walking breaks. You are likely to find at least some social interest during this time, and that’s always worth considering.


A safari is akin to a real adventure. Heading to a Samara private game reserve can help you see the unfettered and undisturbed African wildlife in its most pure and raw form. For someone raised in a city, this can feel like stepping into a movie. However, this is the exact basic zone of how humans and animals developed over thousands of years, meaning that you’re connecting with something hard to put into words. Again, this does prove to be a wonderful time for photographs.

Game Hunting

There are many places in the United States where ethical hunting is something you might find possible. This is because of the large quantities of deer, elk and other animals that breed in such high numbers that they can prove dangerous to the balance of the ecosystem, and also the road or town safety of local inhabitants. To preserve the natural balance of these areas, the local authority will likely allow the ethical hunting of these animals, or consider launching an ‘open season,’ in which you must register your ethical hunts but also are allowed to keep the meat you provide. This humane and ethical form of hunting, either through bow hunting or other means, not only provides a great way for you to get out with friends, but can teach you about preserving, respecting and making the most of the beautiful wildlife that must unfortunately be controlled for the good of society and their own social dynamics.




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