If You Visit Ecuador, You May Never Leave

Some places that you can travel to are genuinely dangerous because of the political situation or a natural disaster that has recently occurred. However, there are other dangerous places to travel, and they are the ones that capture your heart. In fact, some areas like Ecuador are so beautiful that if you do end up visiting you may never want to leave. 

Galapagos – Baltra Island

One of the most famous island archipelagos in the world, the Galapagos off the coast of Ecuador does not disappoint. In fact, because of its remote location and particular climate conditions, it is a little-unspoiled patch of nature that people are still amazed by to this day.
There you will find giant tortoises, sea lions and even the famous large iguanas that are synonymous with the island chain. To get the full benefit of your visits take a cruise around the islands or go for an organized scuba diving trip off the coast that allow you to see the marine life up close and personal.


Luckily, Ecuador has many prime sightseeing spots on land as well as in the ocean. One place you should make time to visit in the historic capital Quito.

Located in the north of the country, Quito is a bustling a vibrant place that is jam-packed full of things to see such the 16th and 17th churches that still stand within its borders.
Then there is the Ciudad Mitad del Mundo or, the middle of the worlds as its translates. This is a spectacular moment set in park grounds that marks the equator line, and in a typical Ecuadorian style, you will find some good restaurants and even occasional live dancing there too. Something that truly makes it a trip worth taking!

Quito is also a great place to stay when visiting Ecuador, as its capital city status means there is a greater range of hotels and other accommodation on offer.

Although, if you are looking for a hotel in Quito, remember to compare prices first. Don’t forget to ask about special offers that each of the individual hotels run for stays of a set number of days, either.  

Santo Domingo

Also in the north of the country, the smaller town of Santo Domingo is well worth a visit for two reasons. The first is that has huge public pool complex which is a great place to chill out in the humid Ecuadorian climate.

The second is Tolon Pele which is a traditional culture museum set in an authentic village. Here you can learn all about the typical life of an Ecuadorian from times past, and you will also get to see the effort that the museum is making to preserve this fascinating culture.


Lastly, if you get the chance, try and squeeze in a visit to the fabulous city of Otavalo. This is one of the best places to shop in the entire country, and the Plaza de Ponchos is a market that specializes in traditional South American garments. These ponchos being something that you can take home with you when you finally have to give in to the demand to leave.





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  1. Am already planning a Quito trip, just trying to figure out why airlines are purposely making it so expensive to get in via a short-haul (not helped by Avianca’s meltdown I’m sure…).

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