Taking Your Family on a Caravanning Holiday

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There’s a lot to love about international travel. We learn a lot about ourselves when we’re taken out of the comforts and routines of the every day and transported bodily into a new world, replete with different cultures, foods, and languages. Coming into contact and learning from people with different cultures is exciting and one of the many things that makes travel so rewarding and addictive. While this is wonderful and important, it shouldn’t dissuade us from exploring the natural treasures or sights of historical interest on our own doorsteps. Wherever you happen to be reading this from, there’s a good chance that you have an area of breathtaking, natural beauty of enormous cultural and historical significance not more than a few hours’ drive from you. Why not load up the family and take them on a camping trip to explore those local wonders? 

Research your destination


Whether you’ll be enjoying your trip by stay under canvas, renting a camper van or simply using your own caravan, it’s important to thoroughly research your destination. Depending on the nature of your vehicle and any legal constraints placed upon it by virtue of its size and dimensions, you may be limited on where you can park and where you can stay. A camp site may be a safer bet but it’s not necessarily mandatory.

You should also research local amenities and logistics. Some caravans have working chemical toilets, some do not. If not you’ll have to research where the closest facilities will be. Likewise, you’ll need to ensure that there’s plenty to see and do when you arrive at your destination. Kids will be perfectly happy to watch films on iPads or DVD players, read or play games in the back seat when you get to your destination… But they’ll be unlikely to want to continue when you get there. Thus, you should plan a rough itinerary for even the most remote of locations.

Pack the essentials… And a little extra just in case


In the digital age, we’ve become increasingly accustomed to getting whatever we want whenever we want it. So long as we have a smidgeon of electricity and a working internet connection, the world is our oyster. Of course, where you’ll be going, electricity will be limited and your internet access virtually nonexistent. While this may seem like paradise for many, it’s important that you bring the camping essentials such as clothes, bedding, an abundance of food and snacks (especially if you’ll be walking a lot), clean drinking water, and plenty to keep any kids entertained.

Encourage them to bring books (flat, papery things) rather than relying on electronic devices. You should also ensure that any tablets they bring are pre-loaded with the movies, music, and games they need to help pass the time. If I were you I’d also make sure I brought some extra accessories for my camper should anything fail or break on the way. A broken trailer light or leveler could put a serious damper on your trip.

Leave only footprints, take only memories


Of course, it’s also important to respect your local ecosystem. Wherever you choose to take your family make sure that they leave no litter that could not only prove an eyesore but could harm local wildlife.

Leave only footprints and take only memories… And photos!




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