5 Must Try Desserts in NYC

New York City has an amazing assortment of delicious and unique treats that you will not want to miss! Here is a list of some items you should add to your food bucket list for NYC:

IMG_1131Rainbow or Cotton Candy Bagel
The Bagel Store

Located in Brooklyn, The Bagel Store has a variety of multi colored bagels that are just as good as they look! Try not getting there too late, or the bagel you want might be sold out for the day!

19990065_1510551605654752_5332507730903774090_nChocolate Pizza
Max Brenner

Located on Broadway, Max Brenner has a variety of chocolate related treats, with the chocolate pizza being one of their classics!

24174245_2061032234130926_3740278269351226423_nShaved Cream

You can get your shaved cream in a variety of flavors with many toppings to choose from! Find them at four location across New York, Queens, and Brooklyn.

My Eggloo

With a variety of flavor options available, there is sure to be an Eggloo that you’ll love! They have two locations in NYC.

11760222_1515635432044906_3788106113246848304_nThai Inspired Ice Cream Rolls

With this concept created in Thailand, you can experience some unique and very fresh ice cream here!

What is your favorite NYC dessert?


15 thoughts on “5 Must Try Desserts in NYC

  1. Yeah, I don’t know that I could do the rainbow or cotton candy bagels, they look like an instant headache. But the chocolate pizza, egloo, and 10 Below all look like treats I could inhale! Last time we were there, I found a little pastry shop, Paris Baguette, that had the greatest little pastry sweets.

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