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Malibu is one of the most desired locations to live in in the world. Next, to the world famous Calabasas, where Kris Jenner lives, Malibu is a place that many of us know from films and TV. Luckily, you can just visit if you don’t have the money to set up home there full time. When you do visit, the following sites and activities will definitely call to you.

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Zuma Beach

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Popular with all sorts including bodybuilders, volleyball players, and surfers, the waves at Zuma Beach offer a selection of lefts, rights, and barrels to ride. The beach itself isn’t too shabby either with miles of fine white sand to walk along. There are even some decent hotels like the Malibu Country Inn along the beach line, making it super easy to get a great spot on the sand every morning. You don’t even have to pay the daily fee for beach parking if you choose to stay in one of the accommodations there!

Malibu Pier

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If you are searching for a little retro, nautical character, then look no further than the adorable Malibu Pier. Built around the 1950s, you can walk along its length, hire a boat and explore the coastline, or even fish from the side. There are plenty of places to grab a bite to eat there as well including a cafe and a more formal restaurant. Both offering fresh sourced, local ingredients cooked in a simple style.

Boney Peak

If there is one thing that Californians love it’s hiking, and as you would expect Malibu is a great place to strap on those boots and explore the great outdoors. In particular, you should head on over to Boney Peak, known affectionately as Mount Boney by the locals, which is a peak located in the Santa Monica Mountains.

Climbing Mount Boney will get you some pretty amazing views around the surrounding area, and there are some great trails to hike too including the Mount Boney Overlook Trail while you are in the vicinity. This is something that can make it a visit well worth making.

Trancas Country Market

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Apart from the beach life and those ever so healthy long hikes, Cali’ natives have another favorite past time, shopping! In fact, Malibu is a great place to spend some dollars and get the latest purchases endorsed by the fashion savvy.

In particular, fans of retail therapy should try the Trancas Country Market in western Malibu. It’s a darling little venue set up to look like a vintage barn complex.

There you’ll find old-style grocers, as well as an obligatory Starbucks where you can top up on your caffeine levels. There is also a cool little shop call Malibu Beach House where you can find all sort of en-vogue home objects. Perfect for creating that relaxed hippie chic vibe in your own place when you return home.

Adamson House

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Lastly, if you are looking for a little history and culture why not make the trip to the Adamson House? It’s a 19th century estate located right on the coast, and there you can walk the grounds, tour the house, and even check out The Malibu Lagoon Museum.

The Lagoon Museum is an educational facility that details the transition from the native Indian culture to the Spanish Californian culture that is prevalent in the air today and is a great way of absorbing some of the history of Malibu during your trip.



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