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5 Things to do in Anaheim​, California

Located just outside of Los Angeles, Anaheim is another great California city that deserves a visit. Home to the magical world of Disney, this city

4 Places to Stop on a California Road Trip

California is different to everywhere else in America because it’s less a state and more a state of mind. It’s liberal in the best way

9 Places to Check Out in California

California is an incredible state, with a vast number of popular destinations you could probably reel off in your sleep. Los Angeles, Hollywood and San

The Top Sights of San Francisco

Sitting by the ocean in northern California, San Francisco could be a world away from some of its brasher neighbors like Los Angeles. And while

3 Great Food and Wine Destinations

There are some people for whom the perfect trip is one where they can get back to nature and escape from the conveniences of modern

Summer Essentials: Where to Go, What to Wear, & What to Bring

The summer is a time that inspires most of us to travel. From students with summer vacations, to the warm weather, it’s no wonder this

5 States Nature Lovers Should Visit

Ah, America, so big, so beautiful. While many people spend their time visiting the country’s biggest and best cities, to others, the true magic of

Your California Itinerary: Palm Trees and Ocean Breezes

What makes a perfect vacation? Sandy beaches, blue seas, fabulous shopping opportunities and delicious dining? If these are the kinds of things you’re after in

Things to do in Malibu

Malibu is one of the most desired locations to live in in the world. Next, to the world famous Calabasas, where Kris Jenner lives, Malibu

Sightseeing San Francisco in One Day

During our time camping in San Rafael this past July, we decided to make a day trip to San Francisco. It was only about a

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