Las Vegas: More than Cheesy Catchphrases

I have been to Las Vegas two times so far. The first time I was 20, so not quite old enough to gamble. Gambling isn’t exactly my thing, but I feel like when you are in Vegas it’s obligatory to at least put $5 into a slot machine.

Vegas is almost always portrayed in movies as a place that is absolutely insane. The whole, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” thing just reinforces these stereotypes. While I have no doubt that that part of Vegas exists, just know that it has to be sought after. You aren’t going to magically arrive in Vegas in front of a slot machine, with a stripper by your side and a drink in your hand. Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely people standing in the streets that are handing everyone cards with photos of escorts along with phone numbers and rates, but this simply isn’t all that the city is about.


The casino areas aren’t closed off like some other casinos. If someone sees you gambling and doesn’t think that you look old enough, they will simply ID you.


Just because Las Vegas is the gambling capital of the United States, doesn’t mean that it costs a lot to get there. Pretty much all of the hotels have loyalty cards that you can sign up for. By doing this, you get extremely cheap, sometimes free, hotel rooms. They probably don’t mind doing this because they want you to spend your money in the casinos.


I have stayed in both Planet Hollywood and Caesar’s Palace while in Vegas for extremely cheap. These rooms have been pretty nice, and I would definitely recommend them for both comfort and convenience. There are many other hotels on the strip, so you really have a variety of choices.


During my first trip to Vegas, we saw that Jerry Seinfeld was going to be doing comedy at Caesar’s Palace a couple of days after Christmas. I am a huge fan and honestly never thought that I would have the opportunity to see him. Needless to say, we jumped on the opportunity and were not disappointed.




New York New York has a pretty cool indoor mall area. It looks like little streets, except for the fact that there is a roller coaster going directly over your head from time to time.


Circus Circus is just what you think it would be, with live acts occurring regularly.




If you plan on only staying on the strip while you are there, you do not need a car. If you have any plans on traveling out to any of the surrounding areas, a car is probably a good idea. I personally like having a car there because I like to explore things other than clubs and gambling.


One┬ánotable restaurant we ate at was a place called Batista’s. They bring you complimentary red and white wine to the table, which was interesting.

Besides a scratchy throat and dry skin, I never really realized that we are in the desert until we drive out and see the scenery.



I have not had any personal bad experience in Las Vegas so far. It really is becoming a family-friendly place with its wide variety of attractions and things to do and see. It is a good place to visit at least once, and it is also a good base if you want to travel to some surrounding areas such as the Grand Canyon. It is truly devastating to hear about the recent events that took place there. I wish everyone the best during these times.

Have you ever had an experience in Las Vegas? If not, would you be interested in going one day?




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