Your New Favorite Backpack

Recently, I got a Duraton backpack from the newly launched company.

I like to use backpacks for traveling, I just feel that they are a more convenient option when practical. Luckily for me, it looks like I found the perfect backpack.



This backpack is both lightweight and has tons of space. It also has several separate storage areas within the backpack, which is great for traveling, hiking, or whatever you may be doing!

  • I’ve seen backpacks made specifically for males or females before, but this one seems to be very versatile and works for everyone
  • There is a reflective strip on the front, which is great for being outdoors at night.
  • A rain cover is included that covers the entire pack
  • Meets travel requirements for most US airlines
  • Hip pockets for personal items (great for your phone!)
  • It even includes a survival whistle, what a great idea!

As none of you know, I am completely obsessed with water bottles / hydration packs. This backpack is hydration system compatible, which includes hydration hose access. This alone would be a selling point for me.



You can see this pack in three available colors: black, navy blue and orange, as well as some more in detailed specs here: Duraton Gear Backpacks

As if you needed another reason to love this company, 10% of their profits go to a charity that helps wounded veterans!

I’m definitely looking forward to using this backpack more during my next trip!


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