Tips for Your Visit to Horseshoe Bend

Whether you’ve been there or not, you’ve likely seen a photo or video of this famous landmark. Horseshoe Bend is truly incredible to visit for a few minutes or a few hours. While you’re there, you should likely plan on visiting some other landmarks in this beautiful section of the United States.


This section of Utah and Arizona is home to some of the most beautiful scenery that I have yet to see. This is what keeps me coming back time after time. Once you take the time to visit this area, you’ll be amazed at the stunningly unique landscapes.

After my recent visit to Horseshoe Bend, I would like to share with you some tips on visiting yourself (especially if you are going during a hot time of the year!)


The walk down after you reach the top of the hill

When I visited Horseshoe Bend, I was staying in Page, Utah. It is probably only a 15 minute drive from the area. Due to the timezone differences, this caused it to be an hour difference between the two areas. We left Page at 8am, assuming that 7am would be early enough to beat the heat at the canyon. It got really hot, really quick. That desert sun is no joke. So if you are not a fan of the heat, really consider what time you’d like to go!


Be advised that there is no shade at all between the parking lot and the actual overlook. This is especially important for those who may be extra sensitive to the sun or those who overheat easily!


After we made it to the top!

The walk from the parking lot to the canyon is around .6 miles each way. While this may not sound like a long distance, the beginning of the walk is up a rather steep incline. This section of the path consists of soft sand, which will make it a little more difficult to walk up. After you reach the top, you will then walk downhill to the overlook. While I saw one guy actually jogging up the hill, most people that I saw were struggling a bit.


You’ll see a sign at the beginning of the trail; read it! I, stupidly, read the sign but didn’t think it would affect me. It advises you on how much water to bring (again, dessert sun = no joke.) Seeing as the sun is brutal, the fact that the hike will likely take longer than you think, and the fact that you’ll probably want to stay a while, do yourself a favor and take an appropriate amount of water with you!



This is a truly beautiful and unique area! While you will want to enjoy the scenery, you will likely want a few photos for your memories!

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  1. The tip of a Monument Valley “mitten” is just visible above the horizon from horseshoe bend. Did you notice it? What a rewarding and strange place to visit. Thanks for the great photos and covereage.

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