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After leaving Anchorage and heading back into Canada, it was time to take my first ever ferry ride that would actually last longer than around 30 minutes.

We were departing from Prince Rupert in British Columbia and heading to Ketchikan, Alaska. The ride there would take 5 and a half hours, and the ride back would take a little over 7 hours. I had never really been on any kind of boat for this long of a time, so I was excited to experience it!


After a surprisingly good ride, we arrived in Ketchikan at around 9pm. Luckily for us, My Place Hotel’s Ketchikan location was literally directly across from the ferry landing. This short walk to our hotel was very much welcomed since we had decided to leave our car in Canada during our Ketchikan stay. 

The main stretch of Ketchikan is only around 3 miles long, meaning that the area is pretty walkable. 


Since the hotel is around 1.5 miles from what would be considered the main attractions of the city, you could always grab a taxi or Uber if you preferred! We took advantage of this option once and were pleased to have a very knowledgeable driver who told us history of the city. 

I can’t say enough about the lady who checked us in and who worked the front desk during the evenings. She was helpful, polite, and overall it was obvious that she loved her job. She always made sure that we were taken care of!


When we arrived she pointed us to the brochures hanging on the wall. These had tons of useful information about Ketchikan, things to do and what to see. She also made sure we had our Breakfast in Bed delivered every day without fail. (Even once when we forgot to turn in our order! Oops!)

Ketchikan is a relaxing place. If you are looking to take some time to relax in your room, there is a locally owned grocery store next store where you can buy meals for your room. My Place and their kitchens make this super easy to do.


I definitely spent more time in my room this stop than I normally do. Something about being on an island seems to force me to step back and relax. Luckily for me, I was in just the right place to do so! I definitely used the hotel like an apartment during this stay.

If you are looking for a relaxing and convenient place to stay while visiting Ketchikan, My Place is the place for you!






*This is a collaborative post


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