Items to make traveling tourists feel like luxury travelers

Everyone loves to travel in style. What many people don’t know is that even traveling tourists can experience the feel of luxury travel. We have put together a list of a few items below that are absolutely perfect to give you that feeling!


Luxury Eye Mask


Just what you need for that long-haul flight! This luxury eye mask is sure to help you arrive at your location relaxed and refreshed.

City Pouch


The perfect sized pouch for your walk around a new city. You can fit what you need without over packing!


Secret Sliding Wallet


This wallet connects to your belt loop, so it is easily concealable! Travel knowing that pick-pockets won’t be affecting you!


Security Strap


The security strap not only keeps your luggage safe, but the bright and attractive colors help you spot your suitcase sooner!


60L Folding Duffle Bag


Bring this bag with you when traveling! Originally folded up in a very small size, this bag expands into a large duffle bag, perfect for bringing back all of those souvenirs!


Comfort Wrist Bands


This is an amazing product. No one wants to feel sick, especially while traveling. These bands use acupressure principals to relieve motion sickness. A must-have!


Dream Sleep Pillow


Soft and luxurious, this pillow will help to ensure that you get some much-deserved rest during your travels!


Panda Travel Pillow


This soft and cuddly travel companion will help both you and your kids have a more comfortable flight! It’s available in a wide variety of fun animals!

Check out some other awesome Travel Blue products here and travel in style!

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