Don’t Go on Your Next Vacation Without These Useful Items

I love preparing for travel. I love packing, flying, and taking trains to get to my destination. Many people I have spoken to do not share my feelings on this. They dislike the entire process of “traveling” until they arrive at their destination and can start visiting attractions. If you have the right set of items, you’ll see the journey to your destination won’t be half bad!

Here are some useful items that I believe can make getting to your destination a breeze!

TSA Approved Luggage Lock


Seems simple enough, right? You may not initially think of this, but having a luggage lock (and one that’s TSA approved!) can really save you some trouble. I have seen luggage at the airport that has came open during transport.¬† You definitely do not want this to happen to you!

USB Charging Backpack


I always bring some soft of backpack with me when I travel. They’re such a convenient item to have! When you are out and about, you’ll likely use your phone more often to take photos of all of the awesome sights you will see. Why not get a backpack that can charge your phone? The provided USB port makes charging your items on the go super easy.

Travel Pillow


A good travel pillow is a must have in my opinion. While I enjoy the process of getting to my destination, I also enjoy sleep. Having a comfortable pillow on your long journey can help you arrive rested and ready to go!

Luggage Bundle Chord


Extremely useful. Just ask anyone who has lugged around a bunch of different items through an airport. Bundling them together just make sense. Save yourself the trouble and invest in this must-have!

Packing Cubes


No matter how good you think you might be at packing, I promise it can get better! Packing cubes help you stay organized throughout your trip so you are not throwing every item out of your suitcase just to find that shirt you want to wear.

Selfie Stick / Tripod Combo


Regardless if you are travel solo or with a large group, this selfie stick / tripod combo is a product that you will be glad you brought along! Forget the days of asking strangers to take your photo, with this gadget you can capture any amazing photo you want!


Check out Travel Clobber for even more items to bring with you on your next trip!





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