2 of the Most Breathtaking Islands to Visit

Some people travel to relax from the stresses of a job. Some travel to indulge in extreme sports. Some travel for cultural exploration and understanding. Some, the some we are concerned with in this article, may care for all of that, but most importantly care to see the most breathtaking places on planet Earth. A purpose of this magnitude can help enrich people and give them a true understanding of the beauty of the world around them. These people often cannot wait to see something truly magnificent and to wax poetic about it from then on.

Lombok, Indonesia

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Lombok Indonesia is one of the most impressive islands to visit. With crystal-clear ocean waters and beaches that stretch on for miles, Lombok is more than just a simple tourist getaway, it is the ultimate island getaway. From the Kuta to Gili Islands, you’re sure to see almost immediately just how stunning and jaw-dropping this entire place is. With excellent high-speed boat trips, some of the most stunning beachhead accommodation and a real sense of natural preservation, this island is truly the getaway we idealize when trying to book a vacation.

The best part? Travel here isn’t even unreasonably expensive, most people can head to this island and build their gorgeous memories to cherish here. It’s also perfect for true luxury travel (especially romantic vacations,) as five-star resorts such as the Oberoi Lombok line the island. If you’re looking for that cinematic getaway that is still, somehow, incredibly, unbelievably one of the best-kept secrets of Indonesia, you should head there before too many people read this article.

Santorini, Greece

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Santorini in Greece is one of the most beautiful islands in the Aegean Sea. It’s origins can be traced to volcanic activity, which is impressive in itself, and is to thank (or blame) for its unique shape. The island takes on an impressive hue, as the variant mountains are gorgeous to look on from across the ocean and back again. Santorini is perhaps the most famous for its incredible sunsets, the likes of which you have doubtfully seen before. Of course, Greek culture permeates this island, so only the best of culture, food, luxury and celebration is to be expected.

Something a little more hard to quantify and measure, but no less hard to recommend, is the electric atmosphere the island has. It seems that the residents keep a real joy for living in this area, as tourists and residents alike merge together and form a social experience like nothing else. It truly has to be seen to be believed. One of the best parts is that this island is often frequented by those looking to make love confirmations or proposals, and as such, the island keeps an absolutely stunning vibe.

With these two islands, you’re sure to experience a couple of the most fascinating and beautiful islands in the world.







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  1. Beautiful pictures…looking forward to reading your post. Your blog only re-enforced visiting Greece. ❤️
    I travel for the knowledge of cultural differences and experiences. Thank you for sharing.

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