4 Reasons to Plan a Trip to New Jersey

Whether it gets overlooked because of its popular neighbors like New York and Pennsylvania, New Jersey can get a little bit of a bad reputation. When you think of planning a trip to New York, for example, if New Jersey comes up it will be simply because of looking into cheaper flights at Newark airport. But when you really stop and take a look at what NJ has to offer, there are plenty of reasons why a couple of days in Jersey could be what you need. If it has never crossed your mind to add it to your bucket list, here are a few reasons why you should.

Great Beaches

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Being close to large cities can often make you think that it isn’t going to be great place for beaches. But there are several that a worth a visit too (and not just the one Jersey Shore makes you think is the only one around). There are over 130 miles of coastline, so there is plenty of space to explore! There are beaches like Cape May and Avalon to take a look at, as well as the quaint towns and glam resort areas that the state has to offer.

High Profile Neighbors

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If you want to see a few great places in one spot, then New Jersey, and staying somewhere like the Crowne Plaza Philadelphia-Cherry Hill could be a good spot, simply because of its access to many great cities. You will be a stone’s throw away from Philadelphia, which has a rich history and plenty of culture to experience. Not to mention being less than two hours from Manhattan, if you are staying close by to the Cooper River Lake in Jersey. Plus, you get the best view of the Manhattan skyline when you’re not actually in Manhattan, right? You could walk the grounds of Princeton University, as well as being less than two hours from Baltimore and less than three to Washington DC. So it can be a great spot for a road trip, with some epic destinations to add to your list.

Go Chasing Waterfalls

Waterfalls aren’t something that you may naturally associate with New Jersey. But it doesn’t get called the Garden State for nothing; there are plenty of them around. Great Falls is the state’s largest waterfall, with it standing at over 77 feet tall. Because of the waterfall landscape, it makes it a great spot for hiking and running trails.

World’s Largest Theme Park

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If you are a bit of an adrenaline junkie, then planning a trip to the world’s biggest theme park, a Six Flags in Jackson, NJ, has got to be on your bucket list. So it makes the state a great place for families, couples, and solo travelers alike. With it being a Six Flags, you get a water park, as well as the rides, which include a revolutionary 4D roller coaster that opened around a year or so ago. So for thrill seekers, this is the place to be.









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9 thoughts on “4 Reasons to Plan a Trip to New Jersey

  1. A few points:

    It’s “The Shore”, not the beach or the coast. That is, if you don’t want to be immediately revealed as a tourist….
    Once you get out of the New York City – Philadelphia corridor, there’s some great small towns with antiques and farm stands and even wineries – https://www.newjerseywines.com/ – to check out.
    Your link to the “Great Falls” is incorrect; here’s the one you want:
    http://www.nps.gov/pagr/index.htm The cool thing about them is that they’re in an URBAN (Paterson) setting!

  2. I just got back from Atlantic City , NJ , a place that I hadn’t been to in four years . People get the wrong idea about New Jersey, a lot of stereotypes(and I’m from New York City. New Yorkers are always talking bad about the Garden State )if you come to New York City , New Jersey is so wicked easy to get to by public transportation . PATH train goes there and you can use that metro card on it. The one that you use for transportation in new York City .

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