Planning the Extras of Your Yoga Retreat

Yoga retreats are hugely popular all over the world. So much in fact that even hosts such as Airbnb are looking into the potential of renting out yoga accommodation next to busy retreats! For a yoga adept and a guest, the abundance of choice is a good thing, as you can be sure to find something that will suit your needs. But from a business perspective, the more yoga retreats there are, the more competition you have to deal with. That’s why you need to establish a differentiating strategy for your retreat. Ultimately, you want it to be like nowhere else so that your offer can sustain the competition and attract new customers without spending your entire budget on marketing campaigns. However, when it comes to differentiation, you need to be savvy about your approach. Ultimately, your customers choose a retreat vacation for a reason: To relax. Give them the ultimate relaxing oasis.

Have a consistent vision

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Of course, there are practical and logistical factors you need to consider when setting up your yoga retreat. But you can’t afford to let technicalities take you away from your dream. Nobody decides to set a retreat out of the blue. You have a vision for your business, and this is precisely this vision that will make it amazing. Stay true to yourself and don’t compromise on elements that define the essence of the retreat. Consistency in your communication, decor, classes, and accommodations – if you offer any – is key to giving your dream the depth and structure it needs to touch your clients. From a marketing perspective, it’s about ensuring that your content, your communication, your imagery, and your customer experience support the vision of peacefulness and mindfulness that you propose with a retreat. You can’t promote mindful classes and use second-hand yoga mats, for instance. Give yourself the means to make your dream come true.

Provide additional relaxation support

Most people who choose to spend a holiday in a yoga retreat are trying to find peace in a modern and hectic lifestyle. Consequently, you can expect some guests to be dealing with health issues such as anxiety, stress or even depression. While you may not be able to provide medical treatment, you can make it up with marketing for your dispensary, for instance. Admittedly, you need to organize your dispensary business with the relevant authorities, first. But, it is important to know that doctors have started to prescribe medical marijuana against depression and PTSD troubles. You can also provide an in-house therapist for customers who need to talk.

Add creative classes

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A yoga retreat is designed to help the body and the mind to find harmony. But you can also bring new soothing classes too, such as art therapy classes, which help to relieve stress through creativity. Indeed, not everybody who comes to a retreat is able to focus their mind on inner peace. Consequently, additional activities that encourage people to get rid of negative emotions can make a great deal of difference at the end of the day.

Differentiation is the magical word in the business world. But you can’t gain a competitive edge unless you focus on giving your customers what they need. For your retreat, the focus is on creating a place of peace and relaxation for all.






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  1. I love your ideas here. I was thinking of planning a retreat, and I would like yoga to be a component, but I think the creativity element is super important. These are opportunities to open up new “channels” and it is great to take advantage of that. Thanks for the advice!

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