Group Travel Without the Hassle

If you have ever been on vacation with a group of your friends or with your whole family, you will already be very aware that it can be very stressful. In actual fact, you might not even be able to unwind as much as you had intended when you travel in such a large group. That’s because there is a good chance that arguments will arise among the group because of all the different personalities and opinions. There is sure to be a clash at one point or another, even if it isn’t a major one.

Thankfully, though, group travel doesn’t always have to be so stressful. There are a few ways you can keep the tensions to a minimum. 

Discuss Budget Before You Book

One of the main reasons for most arguments may be money. So, to prevent any bickering from breaking out, you should be open and honest about each other’s budget before you book anything. That way, you can figure out the best prices of travel by plane and train so you can work out the best way to get to your destination for a price that everyone is happy with. You can then also look at accommodation options that you know will suit everyone’s budget.

Encourage Solo Time

As there will be lots of personality types in your travel group, you need to plan for everyone. If you know there are a few introverts in your gang, it’s a good idea to plan some downtime into your days. That’s so everyone, especially the introverts, can recharge their batteries and take some time out away from others. As well as this, it’s a good idea to have a couple of days when the group can split up and people can do their own thing. That way, no one will miss out on something they want to do just because no one else wants to do it.

Be Democratic

One of the most important parts of traveling as a group is that everyone needs to be as democratic as possible. Everyone’s opinion and ideas need to be listened to equally. You shouldn’t simply try to persuade the group to do what you want to do as that is a surefire way to set off some arguments. So, make sure that your group is a democracy and vote on each day’s activities. That way, you’ll find it easier to agree on what to do.

Don’t Plan Too Much

It can be easy to over plan holidays when there are a lot of you traveling together. That’s because you will all want to squeeze in as much stuff as possible, so that there’s more chance you will each get to do what you have on your to-do list. However, it’s actually much better to keep your plans as minimal as possible. You will have a lot more fun if you try to stick to being spontaneous!


I hope these tips can help you have a happy and successful group vacation!



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