11 Things to Do and See in New Orleans​

New Orleans is a popular place to go to on a vacation. Many people have been there, and many more hope to go one day. My husband is from New Orleans, so needless to say I have been there countless times. I have put together this list of the top things to see and do in the New Orleans area.

#1 – St. Louis Cathedral


When you think of New Orleans, this building may come to mind. You can tour this historic building daily. The hours are 8:30am until 4:00pm. Daily Mass is held at 12:05pm. You can pick up a self-guide brochure at the entrance for a $1.00 donation.
#2 – Cafe Du Monde


Visit the original Cafe Du Monde in the French Market. This coffee stand was established in 1862, and is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Go there to enjoy their traditional coffee and chicory with an order of beignets. You’ll be glad you did.
#3 – Bourbon Street


You never quite know what you’ll see on Bourbon Street. Drinking, dancing, live music, people getting arrested. There is never a dull moment on this street; however, to get the full experience, I recommend going at least once during the night.
#4 – Audubon Zoo


Audubon Zoo has gorgeous facilities, and is fun for everyone. This institute houses 15,000 diverse animals. Bring your sunscreen and prepare for an interesting day!

#5 – Plum Street Sno Ball


The oldest snow ball stand in New Orleans! Open mid-March through October, if you are in the area during these months this is something that you don’t want to miss! Available in a variety of sizes and flavors, this will be a treat that you won’t forget.
#6 – French Market


The French Market is open daily from 10am until 6pm. It consists of 6 blocks of shopping! Established in 1791, there are no shortages of place to eat, souvenirs to buy, farmers markets, and many various other shopping opportunities. Some places will even haggle with you (don’t offer $5 for a $20 item, that’s a sure way to make someone mad.)
#7 – Magazine Street


Magazine Street is one of the first areas that really stood out to me in New Orleans. It is an absolutely beautiful area where you can walk up and down the streets and enjoy the scenery, boutiques, restaurants, art galleries, and more!

#8 – St. Louis Cemetery No. 1


New Orleans has cemeteries that most people are not used to. Due to the fact that the city was built on a swamp, the deceased are buried in these elaborate stone crypts and mausoleums. There are no shortages of ghost tours that go through these cemeteries, if that’s your thing.
#9 – Riverwalk


The Riverwalk Marketplace has a mixture of local and commercial businesses. This is another place where you can grab some beignets from the Cafe Du Monde inside. You can step outside and walk along the river (hence the name.) It is a fun place to explore and to escape the heat.
#10 – City Park


If you want to get away from the city area and see nature, you could not ask for a better place than City Park. This 1300 acre park has been open since 1854, which makes it one of the nation’s oldest urban parks. Come here for a picnic, to let your kids or pets play, or to just simply take a stroll and admire your surroundings.
#11 – Steamboat Natchez


Steamboat Natchez is known as “New Orleans’ Only Steamboat.” You can choose from the Dinner Jazz Cruise, Harbor Jazz Cruise, or the Sunday Brunch Jazz Cruise. Each option includes live music and views of New Orleans that you can only get from the river. You have the option of joining the cruise without food for a reduced price.


Have you tried any of the things on our list? If so, what did you think? Do you have something that you think should be on the list? Let me know!


30 thoughts on “11 Things to Do and See in New Orleans​

  1. Thanks for sharing this – NOLA is one of the destinations I’m planning to visit in 2018 so I’m definitely bookmarking your post for reference! And if you know of any other good website I should look at, please drop me a line.

  2. Cafe Du Monde is one of my favorites! I did not know you could tour the St. Louis Cathedral, thank you for sharing! Have you been to the Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve? It’s on my Bucket List to explore.

  3. I passed through once and never got to stop and enjoy the area. I have been watching NCIS New Orleans and it has renewed a desire to go see it. since NB and NS had the expulsion in the 1700’s. We have a common heritage. I want to see.

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