Upcoming Road Trip Across the US

Hey everyone!

We are taking a road trip from here in Knoxville, TN to San Francisco, CA (and many places in between) beginning on Tuesday evening, July 11th.


Rough estimate of our route


I will also be updating my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook regularly during the trip:




After our return, I will of course post all about the different destinations that I visit!

This trip will be focused on something I have never really tried to do effectively, and that is traveling on a budget.

I know that it will be a very interesting experience!

Looking forward to it,


12 thoughts on “Upcoming Road Trip Across the US

    • Unfortunately we didn’t get to Yellowstone this time. We tried, but every reservation site seemed to be filled, and if we were going to go we wanted to spend a few days there. It is definitely on my must see list though!

      • I should’ve mentioned . . . don’t feel obligated to look at any of the links. My posts tend to be long and time-consuming. I throw them in there in case anyone is interested but I don’t get offended if no one looks at them. Honest.

      • Thanks for your comment. If it weren’t for me going to school I think I could read about different peoples travel experiences all day.

        After seeing some of your photos I am even more inspired to visit Yellowstone one day soon. The photos of the wildlife really stick out to me. I’ve never seen a bear or wolf in the wild. They’re truly amazing animals. I am very glad to have seen your photos, thank you!

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