My First Time in Canada

Having never been out the country before, the first time I went to Canada I was very excited!

We had decided on driving so that we could go some other places afterwards.

road trip 2011 h+m 061

As we approached the border, I found that I was getting nervous. I felt like I was going to get in trouble or something. I think the reality of crossing over into another country hit me for the first time.

road trip 2011 h+m 064

So we handed the agent our passports and drivers license. He asked where we were going, how long we were staying and where we were from. Super simple. Nervousness was unnecessary!


We were then on our way to Toronto!

So we thought.

Around 5 minutes after we crossed the border, our GPS stopped working. This was a few years ago, and our phones didn’t quite have the capabilities that they do now.

road trip 2011 h+m 086.JPG

My super old phone to give you an idea of what we were working with.

We found a Starbucks and connected our laptop to the wifi. We wrote down some directions then we were on our way!

We had decided to stay on the outskirts of downtown in order to save a little money. We stayed in a Westin probably 10 minutes from downtown.

road-trip-2011-hm-166-e1496026269273.jpgroad trip 2011 h+m 221

Later, we went exploring into downtown and the other surrounding areas.

road trip 2011 h+m 152

As I mentioned, we didn’t have a GPS. My husband literally saw Toronto in the distance and somehow got us there super quickly. I was impressed.

road trip 2011 h+m 131

road trip 2011 h+m 141.JPG

road trip 2011 h+m 142.JPG

Toronto is a really pretty place with a lot to see. The weekend we were there though, there was a festival going on downtown, so parking was pretty much out of the question.

We went on to explore the surrounding areas which included North York.

road trip 2011 h+m 158.JPG

road trip 2011 h+m 182.JPG

We had no clue where to eat, so we saw this place called Fox and Fiddle and went for it.

road trip 2011 h+m 122.JPG

It was pretty decent. I’d equate it to the Canadian Applebee’s.

road trip 2011 h+m 165.JPG

And of course we had to stop at Tim Hortons. It really is pretty awesome.

road trip 2011 h+m 225

First km/h sign I had ever seen

road trip 2011 h+m 222.JPG

Faites la pause .. Kit Kat.

Oh, and something else that really doesn’t matter, but in Canada, Reese’s is just Reese.

Our stay here this time was very short, because we had several other places we were going. Overall though, it was a very pleasurable first stop in Canada! I definitely love the place.



11 thoughts on “My First Time in Canada

  1. I’m from the other side of the country, and I haven’t been to Toronto. But I’m glad you enjoyed it. Yes, everything has English and French on it. Never heard of Fox and Fiddle though. I do miss Tim Hortons…

    • It was definitely a fun experience! I really liked seeing French on everything, that was neat to me. I’d love to go somewhere such as Montreal where they predominantly speak french! I definitely appreciated Tim Hortons.

  2. I live a couple towns over from Toronto so it’s cool to read about from a visitor’s perspective! I also had no idea about the Reese vs. Reese’s thing, so thank you for drawing it to my attention 😄

  3. I lived outside of Toronto for 4 years (my husband worked in Toronto at the time) and Toronto became one of my favorite big cities and I’m not a city person. I loved the whole underground system going on there.

  4. I love going to Toronto and Canada customs are so much easier to go through than United States customs where you basically have to go through a song and dance routine to get back into your own country. Glad you had a great time , The 416 is a wicked great place to visit even if you do go when it’s cold

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