The Ultimate RV Pack Up List

Packing up after your trip in an RV can be stressful. Even if you’ve only been away for a few days, you can find that your possessions have somehow got everywhere. Living in a small space, even for a short period can mean that things become dirty and untidy, and if you’ve been staying in a field or near the beach, there might be grass and sand everywhere. You might have to check out of your campsite early in the morning, and you might worry that you’ll forget to do something important, which could mean that your possessions or equipment aren’t safe on the way home and that you get back with a massive mess to clear up. Here’s a pack up checklist to help you get it right, but over time you might want to make your own checklist, that’s specific to your van and your needs. 

Empty the Rubbish

Before you start to pack up, empty the rubbish and recycling. You might need to do this again after you have cleaned and packed up. But, getting most of it out of the way early can mean that you’ve got more space to work.

Make a List of Repairs and Replacements

So many people, even experienced RVers, get home from a break knowing that they need to make repairs or replace parts, only to leave it, completely forget and find themselves unprepared for their next trip.

Make a list of anything that you need to do before you head home, and look at rv parts and replacements, to sort anything long before you are ready to go again.

Pack for Easy Access

If you’ve traveled a long way, and the journey home is going to take more than a few hours, you might need to stop along the way. You might even spend the night on the road. So, when you pack, make sure you’ve got easy access to any clothes, food and supplies that you might need before you arrive home.

Secure Loose Items

One of the most important things to do before you leave is to secure loose items. Make sure that there’s nothing left out on the sides, anything that doesn’t have a home is strapped down and secured and that your cupboards, cabinets and drawers are closed and locked for the trip.

Close Vents

If you’ve been on a summer break, you’ve probably had all of your vents open while you are away, vans can get very hot after all. Make sure you check and close them all before you set out to keep them secure.

Clean Down

You might want to leave your big clean up until you get home, but you should at least wipe the sides and bathroom down, and empty and wipe out your fridge if you can.

Empty Tanks

You’ll also need to unhook from the electric and water supplies and the sewage line. Then, empty your tank, and refill the water for the journey if you need to.

Switch Off

Most people like to switch the fridge and any other electricals off while they are on the road. You can leave them off for short stops, but you might want to turn the refrigerator back on if there’s anything left in it and you are stopping for more than a few hours.

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