Your New Favorite Backpack

Recently, I got a Duraton backpack from the newly launched company. I like to use backpacks for traveling, I just feel that they are a more convenient option when practical. Luckily for me, it looks like I found the perfect backpack.   This backpack is both lightweight and […]

The Black Hills and Beyond

On our road trip this summer after leaving the Badlands, we headed towards the Black Hills National Forest. Neither of us were absolutely dying to see Mount Rushmore for a long amount of time, so we did not really see the point on spending money for the entrance […]

Gift Guide for the Travel Lover

I have always been a fan of traveling, so naturally, I also enjoy giving and receiving travel themed gifts. If you know someone who isn’t that into traveling, feel free to check out some other birthday ideas here. Along with the list below, UncommonGoods also has much more […]

Exploring the Badlands

Our original plan was to camp in Badlands National Park. We highly underestimated the amount of awesome things we would see on the way, so we ended up only spending the day there. If you are ever in the area and want to camp, there are campground where […]