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Driving Across Canada To Alaska

Many people dream of driving to Alaska. It is common knowledge that Alaska is quite far away from the continental US. To actually drive thousands

Snow City Cafe | Anchorage, Alaska

A Local Favorite – Snow City Cafe During our time in Anchorage, we wanted to try out some of the local restaurants. My favorite meal

What It’s Like To Go Dog Sledding On A Glacier In Alaska

While visiting Anchorage, Alaska, I was so excited to experience something I never dreamed I would do – go dog sledding. We were staying with

My Place Hotels | Ketchikan, Alaska

After leaving Anchorage and heading back into Canada, it was time to take my first ever ferry ride that would actually last longer than around

Tips For Traveling The Alaska Marine Highway | Canada to Ketchikan, AK

After booking our stay at the My Place Hotels location in Ketchikan, Alaska, it was time to get our ferry tickets in order! The only way

My Place Hotels | Anchorage, Alaska

After driving over 4,000 miles from Knoxville, Tennessee, we were so excited to arrive in Anchorage! During our time driving through Canada, we had been

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