Road Trip to Area 51 Alien Center

Area 51 is not a typical tourist attraction when going on vacation. How do you get to Area 51? Or what do you get to see if you drive to Area 51? It is around a two hour trip from Las Vegas to the Area 51 Alien Center. The trip seemed a bit out of the way, but nonetheless, we decided to take the drive to see what it was all about.


We left Las Vegas and headed into the desert with no destination other than the Area 51 Alien Center. We would then turn right around and head back after seeing what was in the area. The drive through the old Nevada desert highways was a mountainous adventure. Passing through from town to town until they eventually stop.


As we were coming down the highway to our destination, our trip took an interesting turn. The desert was very windy this day and there was a lot of driving through thick dust. It was hard to see right in front of your hood, much less what was coming towards you down the road.


Coming towards us out of nowhere on this two lane highway, was an army vehicle. This excited our entire vehicle because not only were we heading to Area 51 (kind of), but we were seeing an army vehicle on the same highway. We were all floored by this and then were even more shocked to see it was not alone. A large caravan was following behind them. Our speed slowed and we all got much quieter. The first thought on our minds were are we going to get into trouble for being on this road? Likely not, as it is a public highway, but there was still something eerie about it. The caravan passed with all types of vehicles and we watched them all pass by wondering what it was they were doing? What have they seen? Do they have anything with them?


We arrived to the rest area and were not surprised by what was there. We were not expecting much, other than a souvenir shop like this one. After some quick browsing we soon realized we probably had already received the most interesting souvenir one could ask for when wanting to see something in the general area of Area 51. The Alien Center features all sorts of alien themed things to purchase, and even has an onsite brothel, as if aliens were not exciting enough.


This little trip just reenforced to us that traveling is all about the trip, not just the destination. Seeing those army vehicles on the way to the Area 51 Alien Center, though it was likely nothing, is something that none of us will soon forget. It was very tempting to just stay in the hotel in Las Vegas, and to not make that extra few hour drive to just see alien ashtrays. With just a little bit of effort, this trip ended up shocking us in some pretty fun ways.


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  1. Thank you for the post, I know now that the Area 51 welcome center is not anything to go out of my way for.

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