Month: March 2018

Sam Travel Assistant App Review

Being organized while traveling can prove to be a challenge sometimes. You’ve got multiple reservations to keep track of, including seat numbers to remember, departure and arrival times, and addresses to remember. Not to mention the chance that your flight could be delayed, the weather could change, or […]

5 Must Try Desserts in NYC

New York City has an amazing assortment of delicious and unique treats that you will not want to miss! Here is a list of some items you should add to your food bucket list for NYC: Rainbow or Cotton Candy Bagel The Bagel Store Located in Brooklyn, The […]

Guide to Car Camping

If you’ve ever attempted to do a budget road trip, camping has probably crossed your mind. Perhaps, if you’re like me, even car camping has been an option. I recently went on a road trip and actually tried out car camping for the first time! Here’s how you […]